Getting Started

Step 1: Dependencies

Before getting started with, make sure you have the following:

  1. A computer or tablet running Microsoft Windows XP or later or Apple Mac OSX. Or, for Android devices, click on the Google Play link above. CLICK HERE to check your system.
  2. A built-in or external webcam.
  3. Oracle Java Runtime 1.7+. CLICK HERE to download it.
  4. A broadband (Cable, DSL) Internet Connection

Step 2: Client Installation

The Client will run on your computer and listen for calls from a restricted facility. Follow the steps below to get the CXClient:

PLEASE NOTE: Anti-virus software can affect the installation of the CXClient. Specifically, AVG Anti-Virus may prevent this application from running. If the application begins to download but then stops or never completes the installation, please consider temporarily disabling your anti-virus software. You can re-enable it after the installation is complete. For AVG users, you can disable the "Surf Shield" feature by opening the AVG user interface, then go to "Components > LinkScanner" and uncheck the "Surf Shield" option. Apply this change and then try installing CXClient again.

  1. CLICK HERE to download the Client app.
  2. Your browser will download the installation file. If it asks you what to do with the file, choose to "Run" it. If you are using Chrome, the browser will ask you if you want to "Keep" the downloaded file. Choose to keep it, and then click on the file at the bottom left of the Chrome browser to open it and begin the installation.
  3. If presented with a Java security warning, always choose to "Trust" or "Run".
  4. Once the client app installs, it will start a wizard to lead you through the rest of the setup.